No. We do one thing, and we do it really well: we offer camper van conversions. Our builds are specific to each van, allowing us to provide the most affordable complete camper van conversion on the market. Our prices are less than a third of the cost of many custom builds. Our installs are quick, a mere four hours, not months on end.

Our lead time varies depending on the current demand for builds. Over the past year, our lead time has ranged from 1-4 weeks from the time you make your purchase. Drop us a note on our contact form for the most up-to-date production timeline. Once you arrive at our garage, installation is a quick 3-4 hours or as simple as picking up the keys if you’ve opted to purchase the van through our dealership partner.

We do not offer custom builds. Of course, where you take your conversion after it is installed is up to you. We provide everything you need – floor, walls, roof, bed, kitchen and storage. You can add on accessories and make modifications to make your camper one-of-a-kind.